General Weather Forecast for today

Partly cloudy in the eastern and western hilly regions and mainly fair in the rest of the country.

General Weather Forecast for tonight

Generally cloudy in the western region and partly cloudy in the eastern and central regions. Light rain is possible at a few places of the western region. Chances of light snowfall at a few places of the western high mountaineous region.

Meteorological Analysis

हाल नेपालमा उल्लेखनीय मौसमी प्रणाली छैन।आज राती देखि नेपालको पश्चिमी भू-भागमा पश्चिमी निम्न चापीय प्रणालीको प्रभाव रहेनेछ।

Special Weather Forecast

बिशेष मौसम बुलेटिन

Weather Records for Kathmandu (0545 NPT)

Air Temperature: 5°C

Relative Humidity: 100%

Today's (2020-01-15)

Sunrise: 06:56

Sunset: 17:30

City Forecast
CityFor todayFor tonight
WeatherMax Temp. (°C)Rain Prob. (%)WeatherMin Temp. (°C)Rain Prob. (%)
DipayalPartly Cloudy18 - 20Generally cloudy with rain9 - 1140
BirendranagarMainly fair21 - 23Generally cloudy with rain9 - 1140
PokharaMainly fair21 - 23Generally cloudy with rain7 - 940
KathmanduMainly fair19 - 21Partly Cloudy3 - 5
DhankutaMainly fair19 - 21Partly Cloudy7 - 9