General Weather Forecast for today

Partly to generally cloudy in the hilly regions , partly cloudy in the rest of the country. Isolated brief rain possible at one or two places of the hilly regions. Chances of light snowfall at a few places of the high mountaineous region.

General Weather Forecast for tonight

Partly cloudy in the central and western regions , mainly fair in the rest of the country.

Meteorological Analysis

Special Weather Forecast

Weather Records for Kathmandu (0545 NPT)

Air Temperature: 6°C

Relative Humidity: 97%

Today's (2019-02-11)

Sunrise: 06:45

Sunset: 17:52

City Forecast
CityFor todayFor tonight
WeatherMax Temp. (°C)Rain Prob. (%)WeatherMin Temp. (°C)Rain Prob. (%)
DipayalGenerally Cloudy23 - 25Partly Cloudy5 - 7
BirendranagarPartly Cloudy21 - 23Partly Cloudy6 - 8
PokharaGenerally Cloudy20 - 22Partly Cloudy5 - 7
KathmanduPartly Cloudy19 - 21Partly Cloudy3 - 5
DhankutaPartly Cloudy18 - 20Mainly fair8 - 10